NEW! - Tune Up to Future Proof your ITSM implementation 

No matter how perfect your initial implementation was, you will still need periodic reviews of your system including things like:

1. Organizations - Have you added new companies, departments, support groups or other components to your organization?

2. Locations - Are there new places where you provide support or have your support groups expanded to include new locations?

3. Categorizations - It is likely that if any of the above have changed, you will need to adjust your categorizations to align with them.

4. Product Catalog - Have you kept up with the new releases of software and hardware so you can provide updated support?

5. CMDB - Have you implemented your CMDB in a way that allows you to keep your data sources current?  Who is monitoring the data feeds?

Request our "Tune Up" today to keep the other vendors from swooping in and doing all of the above as part of a "tool migration".

"Just because you put oil and gas in your car initially doesn't mean you don't need to check, fill and change it periodically"



Operational Readiness assessment will identify your company's ability to utilize the tools and processes you are prepared to deploy.  Ideally this will be conducted prior to your deployment activity.

Process assessment engagements review standard ITIL processes for service providers and will identify your company's existing processes as well as those desired but not yet implemented.  As part of this assessment, the interface between processes and how data is handled is addressed.



If your organization has selected a product but lacks the full compliment of resources required or is in need of seasoned consultants that can help you steer clear of the pitfalls that often come with enterprise tool deployment, we can provide additional resources to assist with your implementation.


Performance Tuning

Is it taking a long time for your system to process requests?  Perhaps its time to take a look at ways to increase the performance of your implementation.  There are many places for "traffic" to get "congested" in a complex, enterprise wide deployment.  From the Browser, Web Servers, Load Balancers, through the Firewalls, Servers in your Server Group, to the underlying Database many places can be optimized once a system has had time to settle in.  Additionally, your organization has likely changed in the past 18 months or so resulting in unused data selections, renamed or reorganized support groups and departments.  It might be time to take a closer look at how your company is organized compared with how it was when your implementation was first deployed.  We can help.


Requirements Analysis

Now that you have decided to roll out an automated, enterprise wide tool to help you manage Incident, Change, Problem, Asset, Release, Configuration Management or some combination of these, do you have a documented set of requirements to work towards or are you just going to “wing it” and implement the infamous “Out of the Box – No Customizations” in your organization?  Have you heard “One Size fits NO ONE” before?  Our experience has shown us that even if you are directed to implement “Out of the Box” there will be at least some level of “customization” required to fit your organization’s existing processes.  Before you deploy a solution that paints you into a corner, engage us to help you verify or identify your requirements so you can avoid the pitfalls of those who came before you and failed.



We use our experience and tools to identify your processes and account for each one to ensure your success in your deployment by documenting and reviewing all of your requirements.



Individual training packages can be developed for your company or you can leverage packed training courses related to the BMC Software ITSM tool suite, as well as training on our partner products.  Classes can be on-site, web based, or remote.  Our research indicates that training conducted in person with class sizes of up to 15 people per instructor provide the best value for our customers in terms of retained learning gained through direct interaction and feedback.


Product Recommendation

Based on your organization's size, budget, operational goals, and current or projected skills we can recommend products, customization or build tools to suit the needs of your organization.


Project Management

Our project management team is functional enough to provide you with the necessary skills to manage your projects, yet flexible enough to allow for integration with your existing resources to maximize the business value and success for your organization.