Bull Creek Data is proud to support the IEEE Rising Stars Conference.

WhatThe Rising Stars Conference provides students, whether undergraduate, graduate or post graduate as well as Young Professionals with amazing opportunities to learn, network and connect with leaders in industries across the globe.  With presentations from leaders in technology areas such as Aviation, Cybersecurity, Entrepreneurship, Social Media and others it culminates in a panel of the "Next Big Thing" where panelists present and discuss the future of technology and its impact on our world.

When:  The Rising Stars Conference is strategically positioned just prior the the Consumer Electronics Show is Las Vegas, Nevada each year.

Who:  It's not just for students, but for professionals as well as companies looking to network and hire the next generation of engineers, technologists, leaders and individual contributors.  The conference has connected students with opportunities for internships resulting in full time employees with such prestigious employers as Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL).  See the video below of an attendee that took this path and has become a Scientist at LANL.

How:  Registration is available here (https://ieee-risingstars.org/2022/)  Early bird registrations ends SOON! (1-DEC-2021)

AgendaTake a look at the agenda here to see what speakers and sessions are in store

Get sponsored to attend:  Ask your local IEEE Section, affinity group, or other Special Interest Group if they have funds to cover your attendance!

Ask your Manager or Professor:  All of the professors, faculty and managers we asked said they would not only APPROVE of their students attending, but ENCOURAGE them to attend.  The benefits of attendance are:

  • Professional Development - Resume workshop, leadership training, financial planning, interaction with executives and professionals
  • Networking - with CEO and executive level officers from World Class companies and other attendees.  Imagine getting a personal introduction and meeting the CEO of your next employer, or business partner!
  • Resume Workshop - Bring your resume, have it printed out and reviewed in one of our sessions on preparing you for industry.
  • Education - Learn what it takes to become a leader, discover that you are already leading others even if you didn't realize it!
  • Recruiting - Sponsor the conference, set up your table, interview attendees, find the next big super star for your company!
  • Certification - Take any of the three Amateur Radio proctored exams and get your FCC license compliments of Bull Creek Data.

Here are some videos that will answer your questions as to why you should attend, who to ask and how, and what the benefits are of attending:

Devon Bautista talks about his journey from student, to intern to Scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Professor Kathleen Kramer talks about students attending Rising Stars and how it meets mandatory requirements for some courses

Tom Coughlin, President of Coughlin and Associates on the benefits of the IEEE, Rising Stars and Professional Contacts resulting in work

Michael Andrews talks about the history and focus of the IEEE Rising Stars Conference