Founded in Austin, Texas, Bull Creek Data has been delivering Business Solutions since 1996.  With reference customers in both the public and private sector, our experience has served not only our own customers in Financial, Education, Energy, Technology and Commercial verticals but has also served as the workforce to propel other consulting partners to success with their customers.



From wireless barcode integration to data driven applications capable of scaling at the enterprise level, we have consistently pioneered technology based business solutions before any other company or manufacturer.



By making investments in the technology community in forming and running User groups since 1995, presenting from the local to the global level, offering tips we use to help our own customers and engaging in the organization and execution of the World Wide Remedy User's Group at a technical and facilitation level we are committed to the success of others, be it our customers, our partners or simply those in attendance.



Through our relationships with product and service providers we are able to offer world class solutions that transcend the boundaries of a single vendor's offering.  This allows us to include "best of breed" solutions and utilize true "Best Practice" concepts in our solutions whether we are in the analysis, recommendation, planning, or implementation phase of a project.